Acceptance and Surrender

Acceptance and Surrender | Others DistinctionsPerhaps the best gifts life has to offer are found right after a good faceplant. Or when youíve been
knocked on your butt.

Struggling though one of those times, I found myself walking through the dunes on the Washington
coast one evening at dusk. My marriage was ending. Had ended. I was lost and trying to make sense
of things, survive my emotional whipsaws and just make it through each day. I asked for help.

The song began in my head I think but Iím not sure. ďLet it be, let it be. There will be answer. Let it beÖĒ And so on. You know the song.

It helped me that night. I bought a tape and played the song. Wore out that tape and bought another.
It helped.

And the meaning became clear in a two part harmony:
Let it be... let it go. Release. Accept.
Let it be... let what will be, be. Be open to new and unexpected possibilities. Surrender.

They are differentiated by time.
The past. When I found myself stuck on some memory or trying to salvage something I thought I needed, the "let it go" helped. Let each and every one of your favorite thorny "its" go. Your grip only causes you more pain. Accept and move on.
"Let what will be, be" was helpful as I was able to leave the past behind. It's not so much the future as the present. Life delivers surprises and new opportunities to us every day. Surrender to the richness of life you could not
possibly plan for yourself.

Let it beÖ
Let it go
Move on
Donít worry about winning or losing
Purge the pain ...donít hold onto it
Hanging onto the rock means the rapids in the river
will beat you to death
Let it go
Ö Accept

And, Let it beÖ
Let whatís to be, be
Embrace whatís to come
Lifeís interesting, if you let it be
Let it happen, donít try and control it
Let whatís to be, be
Ö Surrender

Christmas morning every day. What gifts are under the tree for me today?
Including the best ones. The ones Iíll find when Iím knocked on my butt.

--Paul Dziedzic
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